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Walnut class 1 light mix 1/4 + 1/8
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Walnut class 1 light mix 1/4 + 1/8 Carry out the sale walnut light color, gauge ¼ + 1/8. Kernel size from about 3 to 11 mm. The company's products Phaeton INC is a high quality, as Production is automated and equipped with modern technology. This fact also confirms the existence of ISO 9001...
Group: Kernels
Walnut Class 1 light 1/2
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Nut walnut 1 class light 1/2 We bring to your attention a nut a walnut 1 class light ½. These are halves of a kernel of a nut of light-golden color. On sale there are also other grades of a walnut. Sale is possible not only across the territory of Ukraine, but also to the countries of the European...
Group: Kernels
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Group: Walnut
Walnut Amber light ½
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We offer the clients of a butterfly of walnut of light-amber color - walnut of Amber light ½. Country of origin of raw materials Ukraine. Production is automated that guarantees high quality of production. Available also and other grades of walnut. The Faeton INK company offers services in sorting...
Group: Kernels
Walnut Amber light ¼ (amber)
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Walnut of Amber light ¼ (amber) You look for what to diversify the grocery range of the shop? Walnuts of FAETON will become for you 100% hit. Walnut of Amber light ¼ is a quarter of a kernel of nut, light-amber color. For production we use the Ukrainian raw materials. We realize also other grades...
Group: Walnut
Walnut Class 1 light 1/4
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Nut walnut 1 class light 1/4 It is possible to get kernels of walnut from us light, caliber ¼ are chetvertushka of kernels of nut of light-wheaten color. We carry out sale across all Ukraine, export to Europe is also possible. Production is carried out on production capacities of the Faeton INK...
Group: Walnut
Walnut Amber 1/2
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Walnut Amber 1/2 Company Phaeton INC offers its customers walnut Amber ½ - is half kernels of brown and amber walnut. The products of our company's high quality, because it meets state standards, international quality certificates awarded numerous awards at international competitions...
Group: Walnut
Walnut Amber 1/4
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Walnut Amber 1/4 We offer you to buy walnut Amber ¼ of - this quarter cores saturated amber color. It is also engaged in the implementation of other varieties and gauges of walnuts . Product moisture level of less than 7%. To save conditioned properties and palatability after sorting nuts packed...
Group: Kernels
Sorting products
Group: Sorting products
Sorting of seeds by color
Group: Sorting of seeds by color
Cleaning, packing, calibration, tsvetosortirovka of a nut, grain and bean crops
The Faeton INK company offers services on: to sorting of walnuts; to calibration of walnuts; to packing of walnuts. Also we realize walnuts of 1 class Amber's nuts light Amber (amber) walnut
Group: Processing and sale of nuts
Sorting of bean seeds
Group: Sorting of bean seeds


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