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Walnut Class 1 light mix 1/4 + 1/8
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Walnut 1 class light mix 1/4+1/8 We carry out sale of a walnut of light color, caliber ¼+1/8. Kernels from about 3 to 11 mm in size. Production of the Phaeton of INK company is high-quality since production is automated and equipped with modern technologies. This fact also confirms existence of...
Group: Kernels
Walnut Class 1 light 1/2
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Nut walnut 1 class light 1/2 We bring to your attention a nut a walnut 1 class light ½. These are halves of a kernel of a nut of light-golden color. On sale there are also other grades of a walnut. Sale is possible not only across the territory of Ukraine, but also to the countries of the European...
Group: Nuts
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Group: Kernels
Walnut amber 1/2
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Walnut amber, Ukraine Types of packaging: 1 kg tray; 5 kg vacuum packing. Production is packed in the protective atmosphere (70% of N2 and 30% of CO2). Admissible humidity
Group: Kernels
Walnut pieces
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Walnut pieces. Walnuts - the most useful type of nuts, and it is necessary to include them in a daily diet.
Group: Walnut
Walnut Class 1 light 1/4
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Nut walnut 1 class light 1/4 It is possible to get kernels of a walnut from us light, caliber ¼ are chetvertushka of kernels of a nut of light-wheaten color. We carry out sale across all Ukraine, export to Europe is also possible. Production is carried out on production capacities of the Phaeton...
Group: Walnut
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Group: Nuts
Walnut Amber 1/2
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Walnut of Amber 1/2 The Phaeton of INK company offers the clients a walnut of Amber ½ - it is halves of kernels of a nut of brown and amber color. Production of our quality firm, it conforms to state standards, certificates of the international quality, is noted by numerous awards at the...
Group: Walnut
Sorting products
Group: Sorting products
Sorting of seeds by color
Group: Sorting of seeds by color
Cleaning, packing, calibration, tsvetosortirovka of a nut, grain and bean crops
The Phaeton of INK company offers services on: to sorting of walnuts; to calibration of walnuts; to packing of walnuts. Also we realize walnuts of 1 class Amber's nuts light Amber (amber) walnut
Group: Processing and sale of nuts
Sorting of bean seeds
Group: Sorting of bean seeds


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